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The Future of Advertising

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Remember the times when large corporations used to advertise their products and services via newspapers, television, and radio? No? Us neither!

Its crazy to think how Netflix became the new blockbuster, cellphones became the home phones, and social media became the newspaper.

The pace that the world is moving at, redefines the way we view present advertising. From the vexatious tv and radio commercials, we have found an alternative way to spark up our brains with those ads that actually resinate with us through the use of social media. Instagram, Facebook, Google all use ads and develop algorithms that will formulate ads specifically catered to personal experiences. Those ads that show up on our screen as we only think about them. The ads that make us say "The government is f***ing spying on us."

Well, Im sorry to disappoint you Judy but its not only the government that is spying on you. It is pretty much every company that can afford a decent enough marketing team that could use different platforms to track your phone's IP address and location, determining your exact routine for each and every single day. Based on the data that it configures about that individual, it can assemble the patterns in personality traits, their characteristics and predict their behaviour. Then, by selling this information to the third party, they can generate the content that matches your behaviour and your personal interest, creating an ad of the product that you were just thinking about.

Is this the future of advertising? Maybe, or maybe this is already the past. With technology that is moving at such a fast pace, we find new ways to target and advertise to each and every single person. In my opinion it's just going to be a matter of time till changing rooms will have technology that will scan our bodies and develop a holograms of us wearing their product. Or maybe by going in depth of our daily lives, the lifestyles, behaviour and personality traits, every product or service will be picked for us.

Just imagine, it is 6:45PM, you're going to the shopping centre to buy a new shirt. You enjoy going from aisle to aisle picking out different outfits for different occasions but today you don't have enough time to look around. Fortunately enough, as you walk in through the store, your body has been already scanned, your heartbeat that was registered through your smart watch registered that you are in a rush. The clerk has been informed about your personality, daily activity, behaviour and characteristics, based on these factors, the perfect shirt that you have been looking for, is already ready at the front desk.

Now this is future!

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