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It is more than Marketing !!!

Story Media Advertising Agency was based on two individuals who shared a vision. A vision, to make a change, to have an impact on our community, and eventually the society. With experience in social media marketing and passion for photography and videography we have decided to build a little bit more than just "another" social media advertising agency. We have decided to build a relationship not just between our clients and us, but also build a relationship with those who are aspiring to be better. We decided to assemble a podcast which will provide value to those who believe that there is more to life.

"You can't have your cake and Eat it Too"

"You can't have your cake and eat it too," as what most people say. Our only concern in regards to that phrase is; why would you want the cake in the first place if you can't eat it???

We want to enjoy each and every bite of that cake. And as we get full, we would like you to enjoy some too :)

We believe that there is enough cake for everyone to enjoy. So why not? By following this model, we wanted to build a business that could help those who are on their way to becoming a "million dollar man/woman" through those stories of others. Now, each and every Story will be based on a different industry, different aspiration and their inspirations, the obstacles that they have faced, and overcame. Their fears, their drive and their journey will be all told on our DRIVEN podcast. Hopefully, this will help you understand and develop your own expectations in achieving Greatness!

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