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About Us

Since our inception, Story Media has been focused on providing businesses with well thought out online marketing solutions that provide results.

Who are we?

We are a high-energy team of go-getters, storytellers, and experts in digital media. While content creation, social media, and digital advertising are the pillars of our business it is our unique ability to combine the trio that enables us to provide exceptional content fit for your needs.

We are storytellers.

Choosing a team to help your business and brand is no small task. It’s important that you find the right people so that your story is brought to life in the best way. We are dedicated and genuine storytellers. Our project doesn’t end at delivery, it finishes when viewed as we are driven by the end result – to move your audience.


Andrey Kuksin

Managing Director

I would describe myself as a hyperactive persona that loves to challenge myself seeing the world from different perspectives. I am very socially active and very approachable individual who loves to pick brains of other interesting people. My part in Story Media, is to find innovative ways to help our partners increase their brand awareness while engage the staff to work together as a partnership.


Ralph Lindo

Creative Director

An adventurous lifestyle with a knack for change are what makes me constantly growing as a person. Both inspired and humbled daily by others around me, I'm constantly driven by talented others who are hungry for success. The blending of cinematic style of photography with the push of adventure, are what makes up most of my unique aesthetic. I firmly believe in producing content that matter and send lasting message.

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